Carmen Campuzano claims that it is the most powerful woman in Mexico


Carmen Campuzano, renowned actress, model and now dj, has caused a stir on social networks after he had affirmed in a recent and exclusive interview with the program Come The Joy she is considered a living legend in the modeling and that is one of the most powerful women in Mexico.

In this interview, Carmen Campuzano revealed that you just participate in a major parade of Germany and added that it also was the protagonist of a photo shoot with the most important editorial of that country, who had called for that will be the cover of this magazine.

But what caused astonishment throughout the world was that Carmen Campuzano declared himself as the most powerful woman in Mexico and that his career as a model is going to gain strength because she has always been a benchmark and has a past that supports it.

Carmen Campuzano claims that it is the most powerful woman in Mexico.

Carmen Campuzano claims to be a living legend

“I will always be the Top Model from Mexico, has passed what has passed”

“… I have left a footprint, I am a living legend, still current, powerful, wonderful, whole…. My dreams in a moment stopped, but once again, are flowing and I am the most powerful woman in Mexico,” said Carmen Campuzano before the cameras.

The decade of the nineties was a good time for Carmen Campuzano, since in those years he managed to achieve fame at an international level after being the image of a prestigious Italian brand of lingerie and pose for the cover of the magazine Vogue on three separate occasions.

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Carmen Campuzano claims that it is the most powerful woman in Mexico.

There is No denying that the popularity of Carmen Campuzano was extremely impressive in the past years and having been involved in a scandal with drugs which seriously affected his physical image, today ensures that your career as a model again to gain strength in other countries.

Photos: Instagram @carmencampuzanooficial