Celia Lora challenges censorship of Twitter hot video


Celia Lora he took off his clothes once more, to make the promotion of their private pages, which offers special content to those who subscribe.

The beautiful daughter of Alex Lora vocalist of the Trithe sensual Celia lora public a video on his official Twitter in which he is seen stripping slowly her bra in front of the camera, in order to promote its photo content on your page private, exclusive, and uncensored.

Watch the video of Celia Lora:

In addition, he took the opportunity to continue with the promotion of her new line of bikinis, which model in your account of instagram in the previous days.

In this video, shows Celia Lora modeling a set of animal print print, seducing the camera, which leaves moments later to snatch sighs in his most daring followers, however the video was surprised because this social network is starting to restrict certain types of sexual content, a situation that does not worry to Lora.

Celia always shown loving and grateful to their fans, those who love and use their products happily. So the model does not hesitate to take out more products with his name, such is the case, your line swimwear, which promise to make them look like Celia.

Celia walk despite contingency by COVID-19

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Celia Lora shows a side never seen before, where he proves that intelligence is not fought with the beauty, to show us a facet of a more educated, when you share photos of your latest adventure, in which he visited the exhibition of Van Gogh in the City of Mexico, in spite of the recommendations to stay home because of the pandemic by COVID-19, the model decided to stroll through the streets of the city.