Chiquis Rivera shows the natural face of the quarantine by the coronavirus


The famous singer Chiquis Rivera she turned to her social networks to share a new video to his loyal fans, to send a message to the illness of the coronavirus; the daughter of Jenni Rivera asked his fans to do the quarantine from their homes.

Through Instagram the artist Chiquis Rivera issued an astonishing message to his millions of followers on social networks, now with the virus Covid-19, many celebrities have united to stay in their homes and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The beautiful singer Chiquis Rivera, decided to share what you think about the coronavirus, so they did not hesitate to express their point of view on the issue, as the famous revealed that he went out to do some shopping and realized that there are too many people on the outside.

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The singer Chiquis Rivera of 34 years of age, has achieved popularity on Instagram, because the photos and videos that share their millions of followers, but on this occasion he wanted to do something different and leave behind the glamour to share his concern with the disease.

Chiquis Rivera shows the natural

The daughter of Jenni Rivera is showcased as never before, as she wore her face to the natural while he was sharing a message to their faithful fans, who have been very distressed by the illness of the coronavirus, as some of the famous have tested positive to the virus.

“Hello everyone, here I am in my house which is his home, here in my bed…

…making the case. I know that it is very difficult what you are asking us, especially because we are people who are willing to get out and do our things and be free.” Commented Chiquis Rivera due to illness of the coronavirus.

The singer Chiquis Rivera made some recommendations to his followers so that they can take advantage of the time they are in their homes, because various celebrities have kept it in quarantine to avoid the spread of the virus Covid-19.

Photo: Publinews.