Chucho Valdés offers a recital of luxury from home


The renowned pianist Chucho Valdés has kept his word and has continued to master live performances, through his official account of Facebook, joining the initiative to encourage people to stay at home to curb the pandemic coronavirus and they will not feel lonely and sad during this difficult test of social isolation.

The own Chucho described his concert as a “real improvisation”, where there are no “things written or dashes”, you are simply guided to offer to the thousands of spectators who are enjoying a true luxury.

The pianist is to delight their fans all over the world with their interpretation from classics such as Summertime to sones as the popular Groundnut.

“It’s really a luxury to be able to see him in the first row, an immense gift”, “This was what I needed to brighten my day, thank you, Master”, “Thank you for such a beautiful gesture of love”, “From quarantine, this thank you with the soul”, “The world will thank you”, “What a wonder this cure from the master to all who are confined in their houses,” “Magic to the ears in these moments so chaotic”, “This is to caress the eardrum and sweeten the soul”, “fresh Air for the running of the bulls”, commented on some of the followers that are following the concert.

The recital live was witnessed by over 3000 people from several cities of Spain, Argentina, Mexico, united States, Ecuador and others as far away as Israel, Croatia, and Cambodia; and also was dedicated to the Day of the Parents in Spain.

To purpose of the celebration of this date in Spain, Chucho took the opportunity to talk a little bit about his father, the pianist Bebo Valdés, and his last times of life, which they spent together in Benalmadena, in Malaga.

The pianist let her know that his followers will continue to offer these miniconciertos, which lasts approximately between 20 and 30 minutes, for the duration of this phase of quarantine, and will continue giving his contribution for the people to stay home and have a confinement more enjoyable.

Chucho has been added to an initiative that they are carrying out artists of different spheres of art in all the world, to relieve a little the quarantine is happening in lots of cities. The music, undoubtedly, has been one of the best balms in these times so disastrous, and the gratitude toward the artists who are contributing their grain of sand is infinite.

One of the first to offer a live concert from home was the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, who along with Juanes and the cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba amenizaron Sunday thousands of people all over the globe.

Among the cuban artists who have joined to this initiative is the singer David White, and rapper Huey Kamankola. Others like Baby Lores, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Maria Luisa Jimenez and Randy Malcom have been making a call from their network to the cuban government to close its borders.

Other famous both cubans as well as foreigners are supporting the campaign #QuédateEnCasa, encouraging their followers to comply with the measures, take care of yourself and care for others, staying in their homes, to prevent the virus continues to spread.