‘Come on John’, the continuation of ‘do you rate John’, already has a release date on TNT


How do you manage Juan Carrasco, a crisis such as the coronavirus? Luckily for him, it’s not going to have to take charge of such responsibility. Luckily for us, the former mayor of Logroño is going to return very soon to tv you the quarantine. Returns ‘Vote Joe’.

Let John

This continuation of the series starring Javier Cámara will be titled ‘come on John’ and will continue to have the actor in the role of a former minister of Agriculture and former mayor of Logroño. Sunday, march 29 premiere of the new chapters in TNT. It will do so in addition to a marathon in which, from 15:45, will be issued seven new episodes of the misadventures of Juan Carrasco. A day later, you will arrive on-demand platforms, pay-television where you can watch TNT.

The policy needs to John Carrasco

In ‘Let’s go to Juan’ we see Juan Carrasco away from politics. Working in an institute of Logroño as a professor of biology. But he knows that the policy you will need, so that meet your team of trusted and will be heading to Madrid for the founding of a new party. María Pujalte, Adam Jezierski, Pedro Angel Roca, Joaquín Climent, Cristóbal Suárez, Yael Belicha and Esty Quesada complete the cast of the season, featuring a chapter directed by Javier Camera and with the participation of Anna Castle. Víctor García León y Borja Cobeaga will be at the controls of others. Actors as Jesús Vidal, José Manuel Cervino, or Alberto San Juann also will see for the ‘Go John’.

The original series from TNT and 100 Bullets (The Mediapro Studio) amassed a good number of awards in his first season, which you can view currently streaming on Vodafone TV, Movistar+, Sky and Amazon Prime Video. If you have seen it, says: Sunday the 29th of march you have a date with Juan Carrasco and ‘come on John’ on TNTavailable in Movistar+ (dial 15), Vodafone (dial 30), Orange TV (dial 11), Euskaltel (dial 16), R (dial 22), Telecable (dial 9) and Sky.