Cynthia Cortes, a former spouse of Chocolate MC, arrested for alleged robbery in Miami


The cuban Cynthia Cortes, a former spouse of a cuban singer of urban music Chocolate MCwas arrested in Hialeah Gardens for allegedly having committed an offence of theft in a lesser amount, reported Cubans around the world.

The tab of arrest of the young figure in the web page Jail Base, in which you can see the photo of the young man that was taken during the process of arrests by the Miami-Dade Police.

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That template does not specify what type of theft committed Cynthia Cortes, nor in what place of the city took place the alleged events. The record of the arrest data on the 15th of march and still have not aware if the young man is free on the street or remains under arrest in the police station.

The name of Cynthia Cortes was known among the cuban community in 2017 by maintaining a stormy relationship with Yosvanis Arismín Sierra Hernandez, real name of “The king of all reparteros”.

Then they both posted their love on social networks and share with their fans some of the moments that they spent together with romantic images, dating began to grab headlines after that in June of that year the young acusase the reguetonero of an alleged crime of kidnapping and domestic violence.

The news came quickly to light the news in most of the state media, and with it the arrest of Chocolate MC by the authorities of Miami-Dade.

Those allegations were exposed by the family of Cynthia Cortes and the very young, who showed the cameras the marks on his skin left by the blows allegedly received from the hands of the interpreter The big stick is divine.

“She was kidnapped from Saturday until today that she was able to call her mom,” he said in his day the father of the cuban channel América Tevé, ensuring that Chocolate MC “don’t let him come out or talk to anyone” during all that time was under his command.

In the midst of the storm, Chocolate MC denied all the time both his arrest and the prosecution of kidnapping and domestic violence that was imposed who was his girlfriend and claimed that it was a montage of Cynthia Cortez to be able to economic benefits.

The mother of the alleged victim, for his part, reinforced the words of his daughter by teaching, by your account of Facebook images in which he appeared to Cynthia Cortes lying in a hospital bed while recuperating from a surgery that had to perform because of the alleged mistreatment, specifically, for a bite infected in the little finger of the hand.

Facebook / Chocolate MC

However, what no one expected is that after all the controversy, Chocolate MC, and Cynthia Cortez give it a second chance. In the Christmas of 2017 they posed together on the social networks as if nothing had happened and announced that they had reconciled with enigmatic messages like this:

“If you’re not prepared to put our happiness, therefore I advise that you acomodes at your fucking grave, for thou shalt die,” wrote the reguetonero next to a photograph of the two.