Danna Paola opens expanded version of Sodium, with images never seen before


Danna Paola you have a talent to turn into success everything he touches, and he proved it again with an unreleased version of his single Sodiumwhere it shows images never seen before, where we see the process of Danna Paola to move from being a mermaid to a human in the clip.

And is that Sodium it has been a simple, very controversial, so he plays the theme of the homosexuality very openly, and as a man with a girlfriend faces deceive her with another man and slowly accepting his sexual preference.

In this new version of the video clip we see Danna Paola enjoying things “human” and exploring objects that would appear strange, as a few lenses and a fan, very in The style of “little mermaid Disney”. We can also see the other point of the locations where he recorded Danna Paola, as the water rose The Red, or the carousel of Port Progress.

Danna Paola also looks more empowered, with a group of dancers who show the choreography, which the singer has shown us throughout the different presentations that you have had of this song, live.

Check out the video for Danna Paola

Less than two hours after it released the new version of Sodium, Danna Paola already has over 220 thousand views, and comments from their fans who appreciated the new version of the video, especially now that relate to “sodium” with the third season of Elite, since one of the characters living a similar story.

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Danna Paola has become one of the singers mexican more popular around the world, has more than 18 million followers on Instagram who are always on the lookout for their publications, as always surprises us with a new project.