Disney launches ‘Onward’ in digital sales two weeks after arriving in cinemas, and in April comes to Disney+


Disney has moved tab. ‘Onward’ has been one of the high budget films most affected by the pandemic coronavirus, because he had very little time in theaters before that the countries most affected began to close them down. Had not been able to figures very high before, but the impossibility of going to see her made it an absolute failure for the mouse and for Pixar.


The company has decided to give a second life to the film as soon as possible, having regard to the crisis pint for long. Disney has announced that ‘Onward’ will be available in the united States to purchase digital from Friday, march 20, and that will come to Disney+ the 3 of April. For the moment, we remark, only in the united States. Will have to see if in Spain follow the same path.

This is in addition to other taken by the majors in the united States, who are bursting the windows of distribution (the days you have to wait for the launch in other formats their films from being released in cinemas). Universal Pictures already announced days ago that they would put in digital salesalso from the Friday the 20th, their latest releases in cinemas affected by the COVID-19, as ‘The invisible man’ or ‘Trolls 2: world Tour’. Sony Pictures has done the same with ‘Bloodshot’. And ‘Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ also comes in digital format very soon. Given that these releases already are not going to be able to enjoy a life in cinema, at least for the moment, the distributors have sought the way to take some profit. In Spain have not made that decision.

Remember the cinemas

These decisions are a relief for the majors, who can take advantage of an exceptional situation. But the theaters don’t run the same luck. They do not have the possibility to look for alternatives, unless you take measures, as has been done in Sweden. We’re going to have to remember all of that cinemas are going to need a lot of our support when they pass the quarantine.