Dylan Sprouse pays tribute to ‘Hotel, dulce hotel: The adventures of Zack and Cody’ on its 15th anniversary: “saved Us”


Are you ready to feel very, very old? The past 18 of march ‘Hotel, dulce hotel: The adventures of Zack and Cody’ celebrated its 15th anniversary. The series of Disney Channel lasted three seasons on broadcast, had a sequel that moved the setting from a hotel to a cruise ship, and a television film. Had to a crossover with ‘Raven’ and ‘Hannah Montana’. One of the biggest hits of a golden era for the Disney channel.

Hotel, dulce hotel: The adventures of Zack and Cody

‘Hotel sweet hotel’ also catapulted into fame the twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and has been Dylan who has reminded us on Instagram their way through the series, stating that he came “to save” of a difficult childhood.

“Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the first episode of ‘Hotel sweet hotel’ on television. It has been so long since this pilot began with Cole looking for a non-existent hair on my armpit. We had about 11 years ago when we started to roll. A lot had happened in our lives before that it was difficult then, and this series, in a way, saved us. We owe them a 1000 years of gratitude to all involved. I love you all and I am glad that the series continues to provide families with the nostalgia they had when they saw it. I will keep those memories forever.”

London hallucinates

Brenda Song, who played the great London Tipton in the series, has also wanted to have a few words for the series: “My reaction is real because I just read that it is the 15th anniversary of the premiere of ‘Hotel sweet hotel’. What a madness! I’ve never felt more old. An incredible time that changed my life. I miss it!”.

After leaving the series, Sprouse left the interpretation to continue with their studies. Cole returned for the big door as Jughead in ‘Riverdale’. Dylan will appear in the sequel of ‘After’, ‘In a thousand pieces’. Have not returned to match in any project. Brenda Song has not left the small screen, his latest series have been ‘Dollface’ and ‘Station 19’. ‘Hotel sweet hotel’, the sequel and the film will be available in Disney+ Spain from the 24th of march.