Evangeline Lilly refuses to make quarantined by a coronavirus because they prefer “freedom to life”


Quarantine, preventive and social distancing that will be progressively will be adding more countries to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has several purposes, the first, obviously, that you are not sick yourself, but if you’re a young person and relatively healthy, this may not be of concern; that is why the most important thing is to avoid spreading to other people, especially with ailments pre they can get very sick, and, above all, avoid colpasar hospitals, emergency rooms and to medical personnel working on the edge of your ability. After Asia and Europe, the confinement has come to the united States and of course the Mecca of cinema, Hollywood, where Hugh Jackman teaches you how to wash the hands, Amy Adams, lee children’s stories, Gal Gadot sung, Jensen Ackles plays the guitar and in the end it is each one does what he can to keep the head rope and the audience entertained from home. However, it seems that or advice of the WHO, or the statistics, deaths and taxes gouvernementales have convinced Evangeline Lilly withdrawing a light and the protagonist of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ is still doing a normal life.

Lilly rose on Tuesday following an image to Instagram with a cup of tea in the sun in which she claimed that he had just left his children in the camp gym. There were a few comments that questioned his behavior, to which the actress replied that considered the COVID-19 a simple “cold respiratory” and questioned the decisions of some governments: “It is disconcerting… Pay attention. And let’s be friendly. Attentive and kind, keeping a close eye on our leaders, ensuring they are not abusing this time to steal more freedoms and more power.”

Lilly Evans

While currently the actress lives with her father in stage 4 of leukemia, your freedom is more important: “Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom above their lives. We all make our decisions”, stated. But it seems to be not only a matter of physical freedom and suspicions of Evangeline Lilly go beyond the comment that every election year passes somethingas if you could be a campaign to win votes.

It imposes the sensated

Luckily, not all the superheroes and superhéroinas think alike and actors and actresses from both sides of the atlantic are rallying efforts to raise awareness, raise funds and make it more enjoyable quarantine. In Spain Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez have raised more than 250,000 euros to search for the cure and on the other continent Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have donated a million dollars. The most fun part, James Gunn has chosen 10 films to use well the long hours on the sofa, and the cast of original ‘High School Musical’ gets to dance to the rhythm of ‘We’re All In This Together’. We know that staying at home is hard, and we’d love to do as Evangeline Lilly and continue as if you do not anything to happen, but it is time to have a bit of social responsibility and learn to enjoy our time in any other way. At the end there are a thousand things that you can do at home that you’re always putting it off, you can also learn new, meet your neighbors or make video calls with cousins or recordabas. If none of this convinces you, you can also copy Seth Rogens and see ‘Cats’ to smoke marijuana…