Galilea Montijo warning to fans about the coronavirus with a strange photo


After shaking to know the disease coronavirus the handsome driver Galilea Montijohas shared in social networks some messages to give to know the precautionary measures that should take people to the virus Covid-19.

And is that Galilea Montijo like several famous means of entertainment, have joined the hashtag “Stay at home”, so be careful not to catch the disease coronavirusit has been one of the virus that has caused the death.

We remember that in the company of Televisa have seen the emergence of new cases of workers who tested positive for coronavirus, for which the famous have taken the precautionary measures like hand-washing and keeping a distance in the programs.

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Before the epidemic of the coronavirus, some drivers of the program “Today”, they have missed the broadcast of Televisa, because Galilea Montijo has not been presented in some occasions, but despite this the driver remains active in the social networks.

It reacts Galilea Montijo by the coronavirus

In a recent publication that he made through his personal account of Instagram, Galilea Montijo showed a strange photograph to alert its followers that it is better to stay at home with the epidemic of the coronavirus.

In the photo that he shared the conducting of the program “Today” you can appreciate how sexy that looks, because apparently Galilea Montijo wanted to remember one of his daring sessions that took a few months, although he did not lose the opportunity to alert their fans to do the quarantine in their homes.

The presenter of the morning Galilea Montijo, he received flattering comments from your faithful fans, as well as various messages of celebrities, who mentioned that the driver of Televisa looks very beautiful in that photo.

Photo: Instagram.