‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone’ is reestrenará in China in 4K 3D to reopen the cinemas


Europe is the epicenter of the crisis of the coronaviruses in these moments, but China is already in the process of recovery from infections. For this reason, already planning how to boost the economy and to recover damages caused by the pandemic.

harry potter and the sorcerer's stone

The Hollywood Reporter reports of the re-run of the first film of the critically acclaimed saga of the young wizard, ‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone’ in a new version 4K 3D. In addition, the revenue will go entirely to the cinema in contrast with the 51% that are usually carried. The objective is to promote your business so harmed by the situation in the last few months.

The premiere original in 2001 was a resounding success, reaching 974 million dollars in all over the world. China at that time was not the second country with more audience to lm that it is today, with what this revival will bring the adventures of the magi to a large number of people.

It will not be the only revival

The plan of the agency of cinema in China to promote the movie theaters and back to bring the public to them is to bring a series of films very successful in the country. The re-run of Harry Potter does not enter into the plan of the government, but if they are part tapes as ‘Wolf Warrior 2’, ‘The Wandering Earth’, ‘The last wolf’, ‘the American Dream’ and ‘Capernaum’. An executive of a distributor is included in this plan points out that “this is an exercise of charity. Many movie theaters are in trouble and will go bankrupt soon if they do not receive aid. Will be needed more creative exercises and support.”