“I go belly has Becky G!”. Photo in bikini without Photoshop


Becky G

March 19, 2020
(20:32 CET)

It is now two years since Becky G he decided to change his lifestyle completely and become a super woman. The singer from California who had already jumped to fame by the song Older he began to see that it was in the focus of all the world.

From that hit everything that he did was he began to see in the world and images of him copan since then social networks and many means of communication.

However, she was not happy with what I saw and a day after being in a few photos in a bikini on the beach decided that they had to change their eating habits and make exercise, once and for all.

Becky G

She was accused of fat

“I go belly has Becky G!” read in a social network as a comment to one of your images on your holidays in Spain and decided it had been time to change completely.

The Latin artist was not well physically, and the people also hadn’t noticed and threw it in my face in his publications in social networks and took command.

Intense workouts

Since then, Becky G hired a personal trainer that is with it between 3 and 4 days per week that keeps you in shape and gives two days a week boxing classes with a coach-star.

The change has been more evident than in this time and it seems difficult that no one dares to accuse Becky G in these moments of having a weight above which it should.