I suit in Televisa! Widow of actor REQUIRES negotiation after the death of her husband


Televisa and the family of one of the actors who lost their lives during the recordings of the third season of Without Fear of the Truth, seem to have no end and cannot come to good agreements.

It turns out that Gabriela Barajas, the widow of actor Jorge Navarro Sánchez, will not rest until they are compensated in a manner appropriate to his or her family, as their main objective is to ensure the future of her 6 year old son, so he said: “From the first time they made a negotiation with us and even offered me a certain amount, which we analyze, but to our mind not what we saw viable.”

“If you do not have a child would have accepted, but with a child already change the thing. They asked us a counter-proposal, they gave it and the are analyzing. This week should give us an answer.”

Widow of actor REQUIRES negotiation after the show her husband

Widow of actor REQUIRES negotiation after the show her husband

Remember that was last January 16, Navarro, 45, and his colleague Luis Gerardo Rivera, 38, suffered an accident in the Agricultural colony East, in the Mayor’s office Iztacalco, while rolling a scene, so at the beginning we managed that both actors resbalaron of a bridge of more than five metres in height, however, a few weeks ago, the widow saw the video of what really happened.

Recalling the deadly accident

“It’s supposed to in the scene Luis Gerardo is walking over the bridge to the rooftop to escape, but just when he finishes the bridge, on the left side are located with Jorge, and, then, with the gun, George will points out, from the top down.

“Luis is going to be a ball, but in that which bends down, grabs the gun at Jorge, makes it ‘hand of pork’ and incorporates it to the bridge. Inexplicably, Luis loses balance and gives three steps to the back, where precisely there is nothing, and it’s going back: Jorge, with the crossed hands, and grabbing of Luis, fall”.

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It should be noted that the third installment of the project premiered last march 9 at 21:30 hours, by The Stars, where the event only attended Celeste Galvan, widow of Luis Gerardo, who is rumoured to have already arrived at a economic agreement.