“Is dying”. Bertin Osborne and the whole of Spain beaten by this terrible news


bertin osborne cries

March 20, 2020
(12:03 CET)

Bertin Osborne receives a hard blow. The singer of rancheras are very concerned about the health of his son Kike and neither he nor Fabiola peel off a single moment from your side. The whole world, especially Spain, in his case, he faces the battle against the coronavirus, an epidemic that has already taken just in this country more than 800 people. Most of them elderly or people with chronic diseases. It is precisely the son of the presenter would be within the scope of this last group that he would be in danger and that they should take all the necessary measures.

“You have to ensure that the curve is infection, lower, or stabilize, and that way you will be able to ensure that they do not have avalanche in hospitals”says the host of My house is yours worried, but very aware of the situation. “I try to make things more or less okay, but if it has to happen, will happen. There is that mentalizarse, to ensure that older people have more coverage or you are more careful, but outside of that…”says the host of My house is yours.

His son Kike should keep special care that is intensified with this situation: “For my son Kike and my father we have very much taken with all this. We have not gone to any public place I had planned several”supports Bertin.

In addition to Bertin Osborne is not going through a good time professional. Because of the coronavirus many of their projects have been cancelled, although scheduled, and some for later. “Yes, to me this month and next, all I had I have postponed it seems, is not total cancellation, but they have canceled seven or eight important things, of course, this is a catastrophe for the entire world. […] Miguel Angel Revilla in Santander had an international fair that I was going to go to accompany him. In Carmona, the side of my house, the day of the working woman were there to greet them all in a theatre and not going to do it. All that there is to take care of it”.

Many people are realizing now that this was no joke and was very serious. The coronavirus is affecting the whole world and that is having catastrophic consequences. More than 300,000 people are infected with hiv around the world.

Sara Carbonero support to all the people who are really going wrong

Sara Carbonero is concerned but not alarmed. Well it is true that with the arrival of the coronavirus, which also affected Portugal, there is uncertainty, respect, and fear. However, follow the guidelines dictated: do not kiss, do not approach it, not hugging, not shaking hands, not to move large distances if it is not strictly necessary, to wash the hands thoroughly and cover with the inner part of the elbow when you cough. In addition, it is important not to leave the house, only when necessary. As for example walking the dog, buying the products of the first necessity or to accompany an elderly person, or dependent.

The journalist is one of the high-risk individuals due to the cancer that he suffered last year, also her partner, Iker Casillas, who suffered from a heart attack almost a year ago. Must take special care, though you say that this virus can affect even the very young.

The presenter has shared on their social networks more messages to encourage all of its followers. Always with the optimism that characterizes it.

“This too shall pass” he has written next to a picture of it, that appears in the back, embraced his sons Martin and Luke, six and three years respectively, while viewing the mar. “We thought that certain things were ‘normal’. We now know that the ‘normal’ are care, compassion, and hope.” A life lesson and that is that she already has spent several hard and dark episodes.

His family has not been slow to respond to the post. Irene, sister of Sara, said: “I And the pass I’m there to see you!❤️”. The mother of both, Goyi Arévalo, has led her small daughter with a “Want to see you whipping❤️❤️❤️❤️”.

Sara Carbonero received a multitude of support when it was going through a hard time. Now she is the one that supports all those people who are really going wrong. There are constant comments on social networks, where they explain the situations at all pleasant. “My son of 22 years has died and I have not been able to lay off of him,” he has a mother sunk. “You’re dying and don’t let us see it,” says a grandson about his grandmother. “We can’t with this situation. My sister is sick of coronaviruses and have it on a chair in the hallway, without a bed,” explains a young journalist, a tweet that has gone viral in minutes. This is a proof that public health begins to overflow.

In brief, could lead to the worst possible scenario, when we are not all equal. The doctors will have the authority to decide who to save and who to leave to die. Will mainly depend of the age. Older than 75 years have it worse.