Itziar Ituño, Lisbon ‘The house of paper’, has given positive in coronavirus


Spain is being one of the areas most important in the world in the pandemic of coronavirus, with nearly 15,000 infected and more than 700 deaths in the whole country according to the latest data. Luckily, 80% of those infected carry the disease with mild symptoms, and it is the case of all the celebrities who are falling to the virus. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were the first most famous cases, to which were later joined other celebrities like Idris Elba.

In our country, the first actress to announce that it has tested positive in coronavirus has been Itziar Ituñoknown all over the world for playing Raquel Murillo/Lisbon in ‘The house of paper’.

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Aupa danoi!! Ofiziala da, bariku arratsaldetik sintomekaz nabil (sukarra ta eztul lehorra) eta gaur iritsi jaku azterneta epidemiologikoaren konfirmaziñoa. Koronabirusa gives. Nire kasuan arina ta da ondo nago bayna bear-bear kutsakorra eta super arriskutsua ahulago dagoen jendearentzako. Hau ez da tontakeria, izan konsziente, ez hartu arinkeriaz, hildakoak dauz eta bizi asko jokoan eta ondiño ez dakigu noraiño helduko give kontua, beraz, arduratsuak izateko txertoa ipinteko time gives danon hobebeharrez. Elkartasun time gives! Etxean geratzekoa eta babestu besteak! Orain 15 egun berrogeialdi eta aurrerago ikusiko da??.Zaindu zaitezte!!????/ Hello to [email protected]!! Ez official, since Friday afternoon I have the symptoms (fever and dry cough) and today we have arrived at the confirmation of the test epidemiological. Is coronavirus. My case is mild and I am fine but it is very very contagious and superpeligroso for the people who are most weak. This is not nonsense, be aware, not what besides a magnificent region to the light, there are dead, many lives are at stake and we still don’t know where it is going to get this so the time has come to get the vaccine from responsibility for the common good. It is a time of solitude and generosity! Stay at home and protect others. Now I play 15 days in quarantine and then we’ll see??! Cuidaros much????/ Olá galera! Ez official, from sexta-feira à tarde tenho symptoms (febre e tosse seca) e hoje recebemos confirmação do teste epidemiological. É um coronavírus. My case is mild and I’m bem, mas é muito muito contagious and super perigoso for those that são mais fracas. Isso não é bobagem, esteja cient não leve a sério, há mortos, muitas vidas em jogo e ainda não sabemos até que ponto isso vai dar, então chegou a hora de ser vacinado pela responsabilidade pelo bem comum . É um tempo de solidão e generosidade! Ficar em casa e protect os outros. Agora tenho 15 dias em quarentena e q will be seen??! Take care-is???? #etxeangeratu #yomequedoencasa #quedatencasa

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Ituño been told in your publication that appeared to him the symptoms, fever and a dry cough, last Friday. The test has given positive COVID-19, but the actress ensures that your case is mild and is well. Yes, as in the case of all the young healthy carriers of the virus, is very contagious and could endanger vulnerable people, and that is passing the disease isolated at home: “The time has come to get the vaccine from responsibility for the common good. It is time of solidarity and generosity! Stay at home and protect others”.

Becomes ‘The house of paper’

The house of paper

Itziar Ituño will have to spend 15 days in quarantine, so that the return of ‘house of paper’ to Netflix the next 3 April will pillará buried in your house. She is much better than his character in the series, because as you will recall Lisbon has been caught by the policewho have been made to believe the Professor that his partner and the partner has died.

With the end of the Part 3 at all high, the new batch of episodes of the series Álex Pina we will be many to quarantine more bearable.