Jennifer Lawrence criticized the colleagues who say that they are not on a diet


Jennifer Lawrence speaks of a moral obligation for the stars to tell the truth, if it is shown to dieting (and also, that have an account, Instagram)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the young Actresses most famous and influential Hollywood.

Stunning beauty, but also a sense of humor (who else might fall laughing on the red carpet of the Oscar ceremony two years in a row?), innate panache, but much, much honesty.

Jennifer Lawrence has managed a kind of connection with a lot of fans for this quality, and many others, but especially because impersonifica what many are looking for a celebrity – and this is a bit of normality.

In an interview, has criticized, who does not lie, namely on a dietand have approved the secret accounts Instagram: here are the steps the best.

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About diets

Jennifer Lawrence in an interview with InStyle has together, what do you think of the celebrities, the you talk, their diets especially, if you are not realistic.

Lawrence says, there is a kind of moral obligation of pages of celebrities, when it comes, be honest in relation to your diet.

I like it when everyone is honest”, she says, If she weights 40 pounds and assist you to eat pizza and fried chicken, all the time, it will not do certainly, people feel good with themselves.

If I can get to the Oscars, or the first film that I’ve certainly in the last few weeks as I usually do.

I’m doing it to get better, these dresses. And I feel comfortable saying it.


The standards of beauty

If you think the standard physical, and the beauty that are often unrealistic, that bombard us daily, Jennifer Lawrence has in any case, to the right.

Just because celebrities, models and influencers are, a presence growing in our life it is important that these people, the honest in relation to their dietary habits and the rules for your well-being; to not deceive to make it, their fans, and create standards that are not realistic.

And, as was pointed out, Lawrence, you can not deny that celebrities are frequently on a dietespecially in the season of the Oscars or the fashion weeks.


Jennifer Lawrence on Instagram

The actress, 28 years old, has revealed account Finsta – this is nothing more than a the fake account of Instagram.

The Lawrence has we especially love the social media, but to use instagram in order to stay updated on what’s happening online.

“I’m a voyeur: I look, but I don’t speak.

There are always so many repercussions for everything you say. Many people listen and pay attention, and you have so many opinions, absolutely everything.

I don’t want to really be a part of it, unless it is absolutely necessary. I don’t want to outside for no real reason.