Jennifer Lawrence locks an intruder in his house: he was a fan of the actress


On Sunday Jennifer Lawrence and the man Cooke Maroney were the protagonists of an ugly adventure, while you were in your the villa of Beverly Hills.

The couple has found that a’ intruder she was introduced in the own apartment and thought it was a thief, or worse, have paralyzed before the guards. After consultation with the police, the agents came to the square at 21.00, at the time, passed with itself.

According to the rumors, the Page Sixof entering secretly in the villa, taking advantage of gate is open it was a woman, 23 years old. It was a thief, but a large fans of the actress that, according to his confession, he had only the desire to meet you, person: “He did not steal, nothing. Just wanted to know, Jennifer“.

Then, luckily, is not all over for the better, also thanks to the courage and cold blood by Jennifer Cooke. The two were married a few months, but the luxurious villa in which they live, was bought by the hollywood star, in the year 2014. The property has been paid thousands of square meters eight million dollars and has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Jennifer was not the first, the life in the apartment were in the same villa for more famous personalities in the world of show business, such as Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres.