Jennifer Lopez shows you how to live the quarantine with his family (VIDEO)


Recently Jennifer Lopez and your partner Alex Rodriguez surprised its followers with a fun video of Tik Tok, where they showed how to pass the quarantine for Covid-19 in family and in a way very sympathetic.

In this video, which has now become one of the favorites of this great familywe can observe Alex Rodriguez doing a funny dance with his two daughters Tashie and She, the two children of the singer, Max and Emme, and even to the own Jennifer Lopez.

Showing that the quarantine in the family doesn’t have to be boring, and that with a little imagination, music, and the help of social media, you can spend fun time without risking the health.

Jennifer Lopez shows you how to live the quarantine with his family

Let us remember that this is not the first time that the “Diva of the Bronx” share in their social networks, some of the funniest moments is going on with his family, since he has previously shared a video of her son Max.

It is worth mentioning that the family of Jennifer Lopez was multiplied when you start a relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who, like the singer already had two children. Therefore this family has managed to adapt in a wonderful way, that we can see live all without a problem.

Jennifer Lopez conquest Instagram

Jennifer Lopez in addition to being one of the singers with greater success in the present, has managed to be placed as one of the artists with the most popularity on social networks, where, at least in your account of Instagram, exceeds 116 million followers.

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So it was expected that this video of the singer with his family in one of the moments of greatest global crisis, has managed to cause a great uproar among his followers who have been grateful for the ideas of JLo to make it a bit more enjoyable quarantine.