Karol G and Anuel AA: find out WHAT they DO in quarantine for COVID-19 o Pillines!


The singer Karol G it is one of the most beautiful women of the music, which after the crisis of the Coronavirus in several countries of America, a few days ago canceled all their concerts for the safety of their fans to the problem of the pandemic.

Remember that the interpreter Tusa has become a new victim of the COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, as Karol G has been forced to postpone their presentations in different countries of Latin america.

Now the famous couple Karol G and Anuel AA are in quarantine voluntarily to prevent being infected by the coronavirus, so they recently shared on social networks how to entertain themselves during this period of being at home.

The quarantine Karol G and Anuel Karol G and Anuel

For his part, Karol G published in his account of Instagram a funny video, showing the paranoia that they live to avoid being infected with COVID-19, while Anuel, aired a clip where he is training in isolation at the beach, but the funny thing about this, is that at the end falls down and the waves of the sea drag.

It seems that both singers have joined other colleagues who have shared their day-to-day in social networks to allow them to cross the quarantine.

Not long ago it was our own Karol G, who used their social networks to send a message to all her fans and contribute to the sanitary measures that have been implemented around the world after the coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

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But by trying to avoid creating panic among his fans, Karol G decided to give notice of a way comic but no one expected that the colombian singer was attacked by the users of social networks, who ensured that the interpreter of “My Bed” lacked the sense of humor: “Are suspended future concerts because TUSAlud first”.