Kim Kardashian is more concerned about a lobster in the street by the COVID-19


Kim Kardashian remains in quarantine in their luxurious house in Calabasas, Los Angeles with his family and on a morning stroll of the request was met with a strange friend.

Such seems to be Kim Kardashian I was walking along the street when he found a lobster walk casually, it is for this reason that he shared in Twitter a video that shows the lobster walking down the street and it was accompanied by the following message:

“I’m confused, there’s a lobster walking down the street in Calabasas. What is going on?”

Kim Kardashian was very surprised to see such an animal walking along the streets, a thing that no surprise to fans who claim that she was the one who released the locusts so as to draw attention in social networks and make them forget the followers a little bit of drama related to the COVID-19.

Moments after its release, someone created a twitter profile to the lobster (@calabasaslobster) and he shared funny messages making fun of Kim Kardashian.

“I went walking”, “WTF, I think I just passed the house of Kim Kardashian”. “WTF, I think I just passed the house of Kim Kardashian”, “1000 likes and I bite Kanye”.

The kardashian do business with the coronavirus

Without a doubt, this family does not let escape any opportunity to make money, since on this occasion the first to see a potential business of the pandemic was Kourtney, who pike a sweatshirt in the signature of her ex-husband Scott Disick informing by means of a printed message of the importance of washing hands, without a doubt, the COVID-19 will be a good deal for the family.

the family Kardashian-Jenner support Scott Disick and their project.

the family Kardashian-Jenner support Scott Disick and their project.

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It seems that the situation has not affected the most famous family of Hollywood who are still with your life and do not seem overly worried.