Marta López (Kiko Matamoros) teaches with the wedding dress more scandalous


March 19, 2020
(14:10 CET)

When it’s been a few months since Kiko Matamoros announced publicly that he had begun a new romantic relationship after separating from Makoke and that his bride was no other than Marta Lopezmany were left with the noca open.

Eye, not only because of the age difference that exists between the two, but because, for many, “Marta is much prettier than Kiko”. It is evident that Lopezas a model, that is, has a beauty ever love the most and that has made her one of the women most sought after in the networks.

Marta López and Kiko Matamoros in Oh my club

While it is true that at the beginning of the relationship Marta was a little overwhelmed by being always in focus in the media and decided to take several steps back and focus only on your Instagram, little by little it has been getting used to the situation and each time he looks more comfortable in this leading role both in the networks and in the tabloids.

The wedding dress of Martha Lopez

Among other things, because he knows that, the more impact you have in the media, the more visits you will have your account of Instagram and more jobs as a model it will come out. Works in which, as is well known by its followers, Lopez always ends up opting for outfits that leave very, very little to the imagination.

Marta López

In this case, has been a picture of Marta with a wedding dress that has left many with his mouth open. And is that, as we can see in the images, the model assumes curves in an obvious way.

My mother if it is not possible to be more sensual in a wedding dress”, “Brutal”, “you see everything, my daughter, cut a little”, “Amazing”, “What a beast”, “This woman is more beautiful with every day that passes”, “I flipo” or “I’m not surprised that Kiko Matamoros is madly in love with her” these are just a few of the many opinions in this regard.