Miguel Marcos is Belén Esteban as well. The worst has past. Terrible blow


March 19, 2020
(16:28 CET)

The corona expands at a great speed across the territory, especially in the European Union, Italy and Spain where it is now has the highest number of infected, who will not let up. All are very concerned, even the celebrities of the television. Belén Esteban is one of them. As you are putting things, the contributor has taken the decision not to go to Save me. She is a person of high risk due to diabetes that suffers and wants to stay safe in your home. As a minimum, during the next 15 days will not attend the program.

On the one hand, I have a problem of diabetes, therefore I am high risk, and, for another, my husband is a medical technician. Are two important factors” explained from a connection via the telephone where in addition to claimed that it was a decision that had taken her and she had already brought this to the attention of the director, David Valldeperas: “we are saying that it is better for me to stay at home” recognized.

belén esteban telephone connectionJust now Belén Esteban is well, it is simply as a precaution. “I’m going to spend 15 days at my house. And is the message that I want to give: it could be occupying a bed in a hospital and what need to pass it or catch it” explained. All the citizens are doing everything possible to spend the quarantine at home in the best possible way. Read, tidy the house, cleaning, cooking, exercising, among other activities. Even, in the case of Belén Esteban has made it clear that it is an ideal time to try to get pregnant. “I’ve already told my husband, what better time now that I’ll be home” I was joking.

The tertuliana takes leave of his companions with an emotional message. “I hope that I take less”, ended. Andrea Janeiro and Belén Esteban are connected at all times and as much as the other are aware of as is the situation currently in their respective countries of residence.

The partner what is really going wrong. “I’m fine, what happens is that, being diabetic I have to be very careful. I am not afraid, but I’m a little restless”, has said the tertuliana, who has added: “This is the first time that I’ve cried not to go to work”has been opened up. Your doctor, account, allows you to close the house under any concept. “I don’t have to go out for nothing because, having sugar, I am very high risk”, has underlined.

The tertuliana has already ordered all the cabinets. The days keep passing, and no longer knows what to do. Not worth it to him to Bethlehem Esteban does not stop making visits to the refrigerator. We are giving you anxiety attacks and not move very much.