Paolo Vasile pressures so that he will not return to Save me. It last time!


March 19, 2020
(16:00 CET)

Jesus Candel it has been very well known for their controversial departures of tone, however now it is more so with the arrival of the coronavirus, something that is of concern to the whole world. If you search the word on Youtube just out videos of the doctor. It is perhaps most known for Spiriman. The consumption of television has gone up to record numbers. More than 7 hours a day and this is motivated by the confinement required in the house and by the uncertainty on the last hour of the coronavirus. For this reason all have seen the brutal confrontation of Jesus Candel against Jorge Javier Vázquez.

The program of Telecinco has prepared a table of experts with several doctors. Vazquez connected on a direct line to the doctor from granada, who took advantage of this connection to criticize the government of Pedro Sanchez and call him “shit”. Ended up chastising even to the very presenter for not keeping the quarantine.

jesus vidal

It seems that the controversy is a synonym of Jesus Vidal because the doctor has taken the decision to publish a new video where he stops next to the coronavirus to focus on to Save me. The médco has discovered that his interview is no longer available through the web. “It is shameful that a program censor an interview. What has been called Pedrito? What Marlaska? You have censored something that you same you gave me live”, noted Candel.

He believes that this censorship is due to all the insults that came out of his mouth, some in reference to Pedro Sanchez. “I said I didn’t want to leave in any program and I was asked continually…”, justified Candel. “Politicians cannot criticize or call them shit, but I say it and I say to the president of the Government and of the regional government of Andalusia that we do not have material -medical – and that they’re all shits. Mediaset thank them for being cowards”, stated “Spiriman”.

And there was also to Jorge Javier Vázquez. “Jorge Javier certainly is already infected and have risk factors, because you had some inept and some subnormal to his side, contagiándole, that are positive surely, because those are the life you are leading… Is to put them in the dungeon”, stated Candel. Paolo Vasile is the one that comes out more malparado of this situation, since he is in charge of the direction of the communication group.