Paul Stanley was rejected from the program TODAY, Is infected by Coronaviruses?

Recently, the driver of Televisa Odalys Garcia and her husband, the driver Patricio Borguetti TV Azteca, reported that are free of Coronavirus. Despite the fact that they are already in quarantine, possibly Odalys has spread to any of his companions, among them one of the possible it is the driver Paul Stanley the program “Today”, by which was rejected by the forum.

Televisa it is still taking very seriously its occupational safety and health measures before the pandemic COVID-19, as after the news that the driver of 35 years, Odalys Garcia, was infected with the virus, all of his companions “Tell me Already” that were with her in the program, have been released from quarantine; Paul Stanley it was not the exception.

The driver of 34 years, was presented on Thursday, march 19 with normal without any symptoms to work the program “Today” where she is one of the presenters stellar, but I agree with Andrea Legarreta and Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley was rejected from the forum, since they think that they might be infected with the COVID-19, so he was sent to his house to perform the tests relevant and stay in quarantine.

Paul Stanley has not given statements

So far, the driver and mexican actor Paul Stanley has not expressed any statement on this issue in any means of communication. Although it is not known if it was really able to be infected by her partner Odalys Garcia, is not the only driver who had to stay at home by the Coronavirus, as also others such as Paola Rojas are in observation.

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The son of the famous conductor Paco Stanley has a few years working as a presenter of the program “hoy” on Televisa, his charisma and personality have led him to become one of the favorite of the public, who are concerned about their health and the health of the rest of the drivers of the tv station.

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