Photos devastating. Felipe VI has a problem great big. Get this. Last time


March 20, 2020
(10:26 CET)

Felipe VI, has reason to be concerned. And eye, not only to see how many of the Spanish citizens are protesting these days on their balconies against the monarchy, but because of the scandals related to the investigation into his father will continue to appear in these next few days.

It was some weeks ago when the middle English The Telegraph he began to release information that put the spotlight on the king emeritus, Juan Carlos I. Information containing the process of the investigation of the prosecutor’s office of switzerland and left in a very bad place to the father of Felipe.

The photos are devastating

But eye because, as explained in Vanitatis the journalist who has signed all these infamaciones, James Badcock, “there will be more”. Despite the fact that it recognizes that, in these moments, you do not have more graphic material, the investigation is ongoing.

The king Felipe VI (d) next to his father, the king emeritus Juan Carlos I, in a photo taken on may 14, 2019 | EFE/File/PC

“There are two lines of research right now. One would be to venture into the ‘golden age’ of King emeritus, which I do not know if you have a lot of hook for a half abroad. The other, more interesting, is see if it holds up to a version that has given Felipe VI of which only knew of the Foundation Lucum a year ago. He says that he remained a stranger to this topic. We will see if it is so, it is a starting point,” said the journalist.

And eye because it does not remain there: “Surely there are more funds and more money from the fortune of Juan Carlos out there. We’ll see if there are more connections and the current King knew no more of what he says”. In this sense, it seems to be that, as you well know also Corinna, who has already explained on occasion that has very demanding of Juan Carlos, Felipe and of all the Royal House Spanish, the concern of the current king not to grow.

While the popular criticism does not do anything other than increase, the media is still researching to be able to offer new data in a case that, since then, has put in check to the institution.