Reebok x Cardi B, the limited-edition sneakers


Reebok has teamed up with Cardi B for the launch of a limited edition of sneakers inspired by the style of the american rapper.

The sneakers Reebok x Cardi B, reinventing the classic pattern Reebok Club C 85 Vintage (born in the Eighties) with a whole new look that recalls colors and decorations manicure “bling bling” so beloved by the protagonist of Hustlers.

The upper white the Reebok Club C is enriched with leather inserts in fuchsia and bubble pink and the applications of many Swarovski crystals iridescentjust like the manicure worn by Cardi B in the last spot Reebok.

In order to have the possibility of win a pair of sneakers-the Reebok x Cardi B, you must go to the site, and follow the instructions for registration from 7 to 14 September. In palio 10 sneakers Club C Custom, 30 Club C, and a 50 voucher to spend online.