Sam Smith quarantined for having symptoms of Covid-19


Several celebrities that have already been confirmed with Coronavirus Covid-19, and is now Sam Smith who could join the list, as the singer has confirmed that he has some symptoms, so it has decided to be in quarantine, but has not yet been confirmed to suffer from this disease.

Through a press release in social networking, Sam Smith he said that he feels bad for health, therefore, you prefer to prevent, by what he is doing quarantine, a situation which he described as a strange moment.

“Hello to all! This is a strange time, strange, strange, oh, my God, very, very strange. I am currently in my home. I have a bit of headache and I have allergies, but I think that I’m okay, but wanted to stay just to be safe….

…This is a strange time. I wanted to communicate with each of you at this time and sending my love. I really hope that you are well and I hope that you are mentally well”, said the singer to his fans.

Sam Smith calls for help to the elderly

Sam Smith asked his followers through the same press release, help vulnerable groups, to share food to the elderly and to those who may not have access to inputs for survival.

The coronavirus has affected more than 100 thousand people in the world, and many have died, in the world of the show are already a number of celebrities who have been infected, the first of them was Tom Hanks.

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This Thursday, march 19 it has been confirmed that Odalys Ramírez and Patricio Borghetti have been infected, for which, fans have asked Sam Smith to waste no time and do the test, so soon thank you that is kept in quarantine.