‘Survivors ‘ 2020’ prepares for repatriation of equipment and the contestants with the Ministry of Foreign affairs


All the planet is in health alert by the pandemic, that to day of today continues to be unstoppable. Most of 248.000 are the people affected by the coronavirus COVID-19, that in our country already exceeds 20,000 cases and 1,000 dead people. This crisis is also affecting Honduras, the country in which it develops ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’. There have died already twelve people, and its Government has declared a state of alert, something that has caused that almost 300 spaniards who today are found in the territory have asked to be repatriated to our country. Among these are the contestants and the team of Bulldog TV that works in the reality show Mediaset Spain.

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU, and Cooperation have been informed that the team of the reality show ‘Survivor’ has been in contact with the Embassy to leave the country and be able to return to Spain after the flights between the two countries have been suspended. 125 are the people that today work in ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’ from Honduras, to whom are added other 154 Spanish that are also there to today and that want to be repatriated immediately to our country. For this reason, since the Government has already begun to work to get these back in the shortest space of time possible.

Jorge Javier Vázquez, the presenter of 'Survivors ' 2020'

Jorge Javier Vázquez, the presenter of ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’

Mediaset Spain, for its part, has denied any kind of “change with respect to the team of ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’ and its contestants”. However, as it has been able to find FormulaTV, the producer of the reality show itself has come into contact with the competent authorities to study the way to repatriate part of the team to Spain, as well as the contestants expelled Alejandro Reyes and Vicky Larraz, who remain in Honduras. Are displacements normal to the course of the contest, although the routine has been altered by the coronavirus and the cancellation of commercial flights.

In the same way, Bulldog TV wanted first-hand knowledge of the protocol that you should follow in the event the situation is getting worse in Honduras. The chain dismissed for the time being to suspend the program but it seems a matter of time that the health crisis forces you to take that decision and the repatriation will end up being of all members of the team and the contestants and not just one part. Is, therefore, to gain time and stretch their star product of the season as much as possible, but sources consulted by this portal take for granted the cancellation of ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’ in the next few days.

Do not pay Outside

Now there is a date closed to cause this repatriation, although according to the above-mentioned means, the Foreign Ministry is already working with the company Air Europa to achieve a “commercial solution” that allows to bring all the spaniards back in the shortest space of time possible. Yes, it is pointed out that the cost of this flight will not be undertaken with public funds, so that the producer of the program along with each one of the individuals must fund the total cost of the journey from Honduras to our country.

Before this suspension of the format, the program has experienced several changes to adapt to the new circumstances by the coronavirus. In this way, ‘Survivors’ has not reckoned with audience present on set and has considerably reduced the number of people invited to galas and debates. In addition, it has considerably decreased its duration to adapt to the new protocol for the production of Mediaset Spain to the crisis of the COVID-19 that faces our country. The space has also dispensed with the service of hair and make-up to avoid possible contamination in the equipment of the different formats.