The appointment secret of the infanta Elena with this star in a hotel that is top secret (until today)


March 19, 2020
(14:40 CET)

Each day that passes the tension grows in The Zarzuela. And is that the earthquake which have caused the information about the alleged account in Switzerland of the king emeritus Juan Carlos, his trouble with Corinna and commissions received through straw purchasers, who have finished with his son, the King Philip, away from the monarchy, it seems that going for long.

Among other things because the investigation by the prosecutor’s office of switzerland is still ongoing and, as well point to many, it is the own Corinna claim to have in their possession “black boxes” with sensitive information that can make the jump to the Bourbons by aires.

The appointment secret of the infanta Elena

The case is that a long time ago, when it became obvious and public that the entrepreneur German and the emeritus had been lovers, Corinna he wanted to stop the events seeing that the pressure to which it was subjected could end badly.

Corinna Royal Family

In this way, I decide to reunite with your ex lover in London with such to make peace and that the damage to both out the least possible. An appointment that just isn’t precisely anything right. And the time has shown.

There are those who talk of blackmail Corinna the king, and there is also the one who points out that blaming the German is a way to protect the former monarch. In the not too distant future will be all the cards on the table, so that the truth will eventually yield to reason about or to others.

In any case, also seeing that it was going to roll, was not that of the infanta Elena, who also decided to be with Corinna in a hotel to try to lower the tone and the nervousness. An appointment secret, how not to, it seems that there is arising precisely much effect. On the contrary.

The mess is getting fatter and nothing makes you think that is going to be in less of a scandal.