The beautiful greeting of Beatriz Luengo to Yotuel for Father’s Day in Spain


Spain and many other european countries follow the catholic tradition of celebrating the day of Saint Joseph, the putative father of Jesus, and celebrate today, march 19 is Father’s Day, a date that each year the social networks were flooded with messages dedicated to all those men who have lived the experience of creating life.

Although in Cuba is usually held every third Sunday of June, many are cubans who celebrate a double after having been parents in Spain. An example of this is the cuban singer Yotuel Romero, who, thanks to the son who was the fruit of his marriage with the madrid Beatriz Luengoreceives each march 19th, a “congratulations” on the part of yours.

In this case, has been the singer-songwriter of Spanish who has dedicated to her husband a long and beautiful text through its account of Instagram, in which he describes and brings to the fore the cuban and the love for the Island that has always been the integral part of the group Orishas.

“When you’re with Yotuel you realize that no one is in any place as much as Yotuel is from Cuba. And look at who I am what is mine and mine but Yotuel leaves you losing that battle. By Yotuel our son would be called Cuba, our girl in Havana and our dog Island,” began Beatriz Luengo his writing, accompanied by a tender image of the artist with his son, baby in arms.

The singer continued his dedication to telling how were his early years with Yotuel and how he lived closely with the great feeling that I kept for their homeland.

“When I met him all of your passwords of mail were: Cuba, I am Cuba, cubanohastaelfin… I remember telling with the face of this emoji: Yotuel if a person knows you for five minutes I would guess your keys in four and a half minutes. It is fun all you have to do with Yotuel around this, is the only person in a bar full of t-shirts of the germans and the argentines playing the end of the world and him with his shirt of Cuba, which is not even ranked, but to Yotuel does not matter, because among all the heads orange and white-azúles remember that there is an island with a flag of three colors, that is called Cuba, and that a day will win a world cup”, he added.

Then, Beatriz Luengo revealed some fun anecdotes of family in which his father, a spaniard of pure strain, and Yotuel, vie and analyze the roots and origins of things as if in a comedy series in question.

“I love listening to him argue with my father about who invented it all, because to Yotuel The English Court was created by a cuban, the creator of Amazon is of a cuban father, Real Madrid got the three cubans and if you let him ten more minutes, Manolo Escobar and Alhambra were born of cuban. He also loves to make people laugh my father with his cuban, and that is that my father when he played his turns English English of the of Mauricio Colmenero then creates a situation worthy of a chapter of Aida,” he said.

To finish your writing, Beatriz Then as explained Yotuel always sees the cuban origin in each one of the people who succeed in life, from Javier Bardem to Al Pacino.

“I don’t care either what people say, the genetic analyses that determine your ancestors and they are so fashionable, to Yotuel all over the world relevant to have some cuban: listening to this for the first time the Heart Partío said: ‘Alejandro Sanz I’m sure they’re cuban’, Javier Bardem was going up to collect his Oscar, and since Yotuel from the sofa he said munching on the popcorn ‘wow, I’ve always thought that he comes from cubans’, Yotu, did you just win an Oscar and that is the first thing that comes to your mind?. ‘Mozart was a cuban insurance’, ‘Al Pacino’… less evil that genetic tests do not come out of his hands but would be very little objective. Yotuel is a lot of things, dad incredible, a child delivered, a husband impressive. And a cuban, very cuban. We love you dad”.