The danger of these potatoes that you buy in the grocery store (and not telling you)


potatoes every day

March 19, 2020
(15:45 CET)

Do potatoes yes or potatoes are not? The World Health Organization has declared the war to this food because we can cause directly or indirectly many cardiovascular diseases.

It is not the same thing a few boiled potatoes (80 kcal per 100 grams) that fries (450 kcal per 100 grams) and that we have what we take those French fries (ketchups, etc.) or that accompany.

That is one of the major problems of the potato, that depend a lot on how we do and if we don’t steamed, roasted or boiled may be problematic.


The problem of the puree

If you eat them whole, with skin even, it is quite healthy, something that is not like if we mashed those potatoes. To do this, mix the product ceases to be the same and causes problems for our health because when crushed, the starch is broken and the glycemic index jumps up in the air.

What causes that? To increase the level of sugar in our blood and we already know that that is not good. The potatoes, like fruit, best whole. So avoid the problems that have to do with diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Worse still, in on

It is very simple to make a mash on, in a few easy steps become a powder in a dish with a great taste, however, this dish is a trap since it has first of all carbohydrates.

It is not convenient to abuse of this food, as is done in many hogas and make them better natural, on Youtube there are countless videos on how to do this in few steps. We’ll leave you one for you to take advantage of.