“The feet of Makoke scared!”. Attention!


March 19, 2020
(15:50 CET)

Eye because it is very likely that Makoke, the former of Kiko Matamoros, remember this quarantine for many years. And not only because of what that implies this several days without being able to leave the house, but because his name has become one of the most sought after in the social networks these days.

Just a few days ago many went to the networks to criticize it after seeing a photo in Miami in which Makoke appeared without a single drop of Photoshop and the that their figure is not the same as that which we can see in your account of Instagram.


The secret keeper Kiko Matamoros

A controversy that put the collaborator of, among others, Living the lifein the point of look at. Surely for that reason, his followers have wanted to take advantage of the pull-up and go for it with another criticism.

In this case there has not been much of a problem with Photoshopbut a problem with the feet Makoke. Yes, the imagination of its haters is so triggered that it has happened the other thing that circulate a video and a picture in which their feet have become the protagonists.

Two publications that she hung in her time and that, now, they have returned to give much to talk about. There are those who even remembers her ex, Kiko Matamoros, ensuring that had well-kept this secret Makoke.

The comments, of course, have skyrocketed. “The feet of Makoke scared!”, “But what happens in the foot?”, My mother what fingers ugly”, “Horrible”, if I were you I would not go advertising of products of this type and we see the feet…so ugly that you have my daughter’s best escóndelos” or “This woman every day that goes by we discover a new secreto…de the belly without Photoshop at the feet of an eagle” these are just a few of the many that already fly on the social networks.