The fish (and very popular), which comes in the list by alert mercury



March 20, 2020
(14:14 CET)

If you have a child under 10 years at home it is best not to feed it cod. Not what we say, recommended by the Spanish Agency of Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) due to their high mercury level.

The fish is more advisable than the meat in a mediterranean diet, but avoid those fish with lots of mercury, above all, try to avoid them, those young people under the age of 10 and pregnant or lactating.

The toxicity of mercury in the body can damage our cognitive function long-term.

Methylmercury in fish

This mercury gets way basic, methylmercury, in the sea and is eaten by the fish, so the larger the fish is likely to have more mercury in the body, because they also eat other smaller fish and add mercury to your body.

Climate change is causing that is having an increase in the sea levels of methylmercury neurotoxic, a mercury very harmful, as it has revealed a research of the University of Harvard.

The cod, between the hazardous

Among the usual suspects have high levels of mercury we find the cod, a fish that is at the same height as the Atlantic bluefin tuna and the swordfish for the Harvard.

The study was initiated in 1 and lasted until the sample until the last decade, so it seems that the mercury contamination is still higher than that considered in the study. So much eye with the cod!