The husband of Lydia Lozano (Charlie) threat to Jorge Javier Vázquez by phone


March 19, 2020
(15:46 CET)

Lydia Lozano was the last month the protagonist of Save me because of your false news, or rather deception. The partner felt a lot of pain on the part of his companions, however, she never gives up. Lozano has left Save me temporarily on the occasion of the coronavirus. The journalist is confined to his home with his husband, of all modes makes several calls to the program.

Lydia Lozano was placed in front of the computer and wrote carefully to Jorge Javier Vázquez, who claimed to have a surprise for her. “We have a surprise for you. And you already know how are the surprises here…”. On the set of Save me discovered that was his informant or enemy of Lydia, José María Franco. He said to Lydia Lozano, Rocío Flores and Rocio Carrasco held a conversation before entering in Survivors.

Lydia Lozano in save meThe communicator was deceived by the man demonstrated the falsity of the information. Lozano and the driver of Rocío Jurado no longer keep good relationship since then. Reunite with him even at a distance it has affected you. The program had told him that José María Franco had provided some audio that could compromise. Lydia didn’t understand anything.

Jorge Javier Vázquez heard voices during the broadcast of the connection with Lydia Lozano. “What Is Charley? How is asking you to hang out?”. “Is that Charley is freaking out, I’m watching scream, you’re listening to screams…”, account.

Finally, Lydia, after lambasting Kiko Matamoros and defend themselves against the accusation of “fake” Franco, has committed to tell his truth and to counter the attacks of the driver. Antonio David supports her because he believes that everyone deserves a chance, and give the face. According to Franco, he did not want her to give that information, she said because she wanted to.