The lie the more fat counted in Save me sinking Carlota Corredera (and company)


March 20, 2020
(16:42 CET)

A lot of people is against Save me from a really long time ago and in these times of confinement, it seems that Carlota Corredera he has not done any favors to the program of Telecinco with a few statements that are very controversial.

And is that the presenter wanted to open the program with a clear message to all the public who do not understand because Save me was still doing the program as normal from set, and was not going to teleworking recommended by the Spanish government.

In fact, the justification of the presenter of the galician only led to serious problems in the social networks.

Social work

Carlota Corredera he wanted to justify the program, noting among other things that they exercised a social work…

These were his words: “There are a lot of people that said to me, in networks that: ‘you who say that people will stay at home and go to work’. But it is that we are a part of the people who come to work because we make a social work that is to entertain people, to have informed and don’t forget all those people who are going through this confinement alone, not just older people, there are also young people alone in your house. If the secretary of Health of the Community of Madrid has decided that the sick in the hospitals may have all of television, as also will be for something isn’t it? A round of applause for us, so do what I say”.

An unnecessary risk

Despite the fact that the program warns you that you are taking all the precaution possible, the social networks they were loaded heavily against them by compromising the health of all messages and a very, very difficult have been dumped in networks on Save me.

One of them warned the following: “What you save in your houses! I don’t know what to do in that program, these gentlemen that are doctors you talking about in a program. All the world is with telecommuting and you are not”.

And is that on the previous day, the media doctor Jesus Candel had already warned beligerantemente to Jorge Javier Vázquez of how irresponsible they were being. In Save me don’t earn for dislikes.