‘The Ministry of Time’: RTVE.it retrieves the first three seasons in Full HD


In recent months there have been complaints on social networks for the absence of ‘The Ministry of Time’ in streaming. The series of Javier Olivares had been available on Netflix, in addition to in the web of RTVE during the broadcast, but at some point it disappeared from the catalog of the platform. Those who intended returning to it, or cool it in the face of a fourth season that is more and more near they found that there was no legal way of watching it online. But the public broadcaster has taken advantage of the quarantine of the coronavirus to recover it.

‘The Ministry of Time’ is complete in rtve.is/mdtfor all the world, and for the first time in Full HD. 34 episodes filled with time travel and History lessons in order to better pass the quarantine. In addition, the public television has prepared a whole campaign around the series, with a trivial and a test to know which member of the patrol will look like. A smart step to engage in new “ministéricos” in the face of the fourth season.

'The Ministry of Time'

Become all and come new

Still no date for the premiere, the fourth season of ‘The Ministry of Time’ promises to bring back all the main characters that have been appearing throughout the series. Return Julian (Rodolfo Sancho), Amelia (Aura Garrido), Pacino (Hugo Silva), Alonso (Nacho Fresneda), Lola (Macarena García), Irene (Cayetana Guillén Cuervo), Salvador (Jaime Blanch), Ernesto (Juan Gea)… Also joins the cast Manuela Vellés playing Carolina, a “traveler in time without meaning to”.

In their travel, officials will find themselves with characters of the Story already known by the “ministéricos” and other new: Mary Tudor (Rachel Lascar), the Queen of England Elizabeth I (Rose Blake), Philip II (Jorge Clemente), Philip IV (Edu Soto), Fenando VII (Juanjo Cucalón), Francisco Franco (Pep a View), Federico Garcia Lorca (Angel Ruiz), Berlanga (Koldo Olabarri), Picasso (Toni Zenet), Pedro Almodóvar (Carlos Santos), the engineer Emilio Herrera (Vicente Romero), Albert Einstein (Thomas Sauerteig), Clara Campoamor (María Morales) and Dora Maar (Stéphanie Magning), among others.