the mole that threatens to pull this off (and is the greatest bomb of them all)


March 19, 2020
(13:40 CET)

Are days moviditos for Juan Carlos I. The scandals follow one after another, leaving a picture very run of the emeritus to all Spain and the whole world. The cases of concealment of funds and of their adventures in promiscuous non-stop succession.

Although this last point, however, is already known from the last century. And it is that there are many names of women who have been told that they have passed through the bed of the father of Felipe VI.

Sofia, questioned

A matter that, to the margin of leaving Juan Carlos before the public opinion as it deserves, has many wondering why the emeritus Sofia still at his side. There are many, both in their environment and in the newspapers, who does not understand the reason that keeps Sofia linked to his “embarrassing” husband.

Juan Carlos I funera Pillar

And even more so with the rumors that have been circulating these days Zarzuela. Because in the House Real runs a rumor that is disturbing. There is more of a powder keg about to explode. And more of a mole threatens to take more things to the light.

This is only the beginning

Not a few are ensure that of Corinna zu Sayn Wittgensteinor Corinna Larsenas the called maiden, is just the tip of the iceberg. Still have to come to the fore many moreCorinnas’. Because the ex-lover of Juan Carlos I it is not the only one that has evidence against the father of Felipe VI and father-in-law of the Queen Letizia.

Queen Letizia, King Felipe VI and king emeritus Juan Carlos I | EFE

“The King Juan Carlos has been unfaithful to Sofia compulsively and has given amounts of the most powerful to their lovers”, he says, for example, Pilar Eyre.

In fact, the chronicler of the monarchy is the rowing machine in favor of that Alexanderthe son of Corinna, has as a parent to Juan Carlos, and is based on the appearance that I had as a teenager Felipe VI and the son of Corinna, which recently reached the age of majority.

Philip teen

Alexander and Corinna