The original screenplay of ‘Final Destination’ was much more dark


‘Final destination’ has just turned a whopping 20 years. The terrifying thriller directed by James Wong was successful enough to expand with more films to become a franchise of five films that ended in 2011 (although there is a new movie in the process). Its creator, Jeffrey Reddick, based on the story of a woman who while on vacation he received a call from his mother asking him to not take the flight that I had planned because I had a bad feeling. The woman made her case, and the plane indeed crashed.

Original version 'Destin'End

After making a first draft of the screenplay, Reddick enlisted the help of Glen Morgan and Wong to give way. However, according to now unveiled Reddick in an interview for Consequence of Sound, his first conception of the plot was much more dark and sadistic: “In my original version, as the death had failed the first time, he could not simply kill people. Basically exploiting your greatest fears and drove up the suicide”.

“In my draft, the best friend of Alex, Tod, hung a rope in his garage”continued Reddick. “He was the son of a preacher and was stealing things to his father. Then she called the phone of the car to ask for forgiveness. But when the father came home and opened the garage, hanged himselfreveals. The writer adds also that similar stories were happening throughout the movie: Carter jumps against the subway car and was suicidal. There are the remnants of the deaths during the movie. In the script, he was still an asshole, but felt really guilty when his girlfriend died. Was this another facet of hers when I was sad”.

Tangle of fatal

Another of the original ideas that Reddick planned had to do with the story of two sisters: “He had written that a sister was getting on the plane and the other down, which eventually was changed by two brothers [Tod y su hermano]. The sister that died was a brilliant student. For their part, the other was the one that always is stuck in this mess. His sister begins to haunt her, so he starts to dress and act like her. When he realizes that may not be his sister, he sets fire to itself”.

And if that weren’t enough, Reddick came up with another character that is suicidaba even before the plane estrellase. “He began to be harassed by all the people who had died before her. I also just committed suicide”. In short, if the script of ‘Final Destination’ is already quite grim, in the case of having carried out all the ideas of Reddick the movie could have become one of the most macabre of his time.