The people have not reacted very well to the video of Gal Gadot and the famous singing ‘Imagine’


Gal Gadot rose to Instagram a video singing ‘Imagine’ with dozens of Hollywood stars and celebrities, and perhaps you have not obtained the result they hoped for.

Gal Gadot

It is possible that the message “imagine no possesions (imagine no possessions)” sung by millionaires in their mansions and gardens, not cale among the vulgar and for this reason, the video has been much talked about on social networks pointing out how improper it is.

“Famous relaxed in their mansions ideal of medical care is excellent and singing songs about that we will get through this together vs literally any other person on this planet who is struggling to survive.”

“Gal Gadot: What was the video from yesterday? What joined all over the world? His assistant: Something like that”

It is not the only celebrity criticized

It is very easy to think of ‘Parasites’ with celebrities complaining about the quarantine while the normal people we went for a yogurt or a roll of toilet paper in the supermarket. Jennifer Lopez has uploaded a video on his megamansión with his son being the waiter, Vanessa Hudgens said “a lot of people are going to die, but it is something that is inevitable” , Evangeline Lilly refuses to do, quarantine, alleging that “preferred freedom to life” and dozens of celebrities shared on their networks, how to live in this unique situation.

“I don’t really want to hear how difficult it is for the famous self-isolate themselves in their multi-million dollar mansions of thousands of square feet and filled with all”