The photo that sinks to the reina Sofia at all (and that runs by WhatsApp in the last few hours)


March 20, 2020
(13:20 CET)

If there is a character of the Royal House who in these days is more that disappeared that is no other than the queen Sofia. The woman Juan Carlos I takes days without appear publicly. In fact, the last time he did was in an act in which the saw, as indicated the present, very tired and exhausted.

Reina Sofia | EFE

Surely all the information that are appearing in the media in reference to her husband and her son is not that we are sitting precisely well. Among other things, because much of the research that is being conducted by the prosecutor’s office of switzerland has been given by the confession of Corinnaone of the former lovers of the emeritus.

The photo that sinks to Sofia

A Sofia which, yes, is seeing how this whole mess is causing much criticism in the social networks both to Juan Carlos I as to the monarchy in general. And one of the photos that is giving what to speak is a drawing of one of the cartoonists of the satirical magazine The Thursday now, having regard to what has been seen, has more value than ever.

This is a drawing created in 2014 after the abdication of the king in that John Carlos you through a crown full of feces to your child. At that time the magazine could not publish it on the cover, with the result that its author, now that they are appearing these information in the past few days, has posted on twitter, adding: “What you see, comrades, as I had to publish this cover?”.

A drawing that has a lot to talk about. Yes, unfortunately for Sofiathere are many more photos and memes that circulate through the networks and by WhatsApp in these days together with many comments.

Comments such as “Divórciate already Sofia”, “why Do you hold her all of this?”, “You should stay away as much as possible on ” Juan Carlos”, “I do not understand how this woman is not divorced once” or “Sofia, leave it to the Bourbon that at the end you’ll end up you also dotted with” already flying by the nets.