The scandal of Tamara Falcó that puts Spain on a war footing: “So how shrunken are you?”


March 19, 2020
(15:46 CET)

Spain has not yet reached the high peak of infected by coronavirus. Currently the country is over The 14,000 infected accounted for and more than 700 deaths. For this reason, the Government decreed last Saturday evening the alarm state. During the next 15 days and probably two more weeks, the citizens must stay confined at home and is only allowed out to go to to buy products of first need, walk the dog or go to work.

Celebrities are not an exception on this occasion. They also remain at home with their families. Some receive harsh criticism in social networks because they show their day-to-day and recommend staying at home. What come too easy with a private swimming pool, kilometers of garden, gym, even a cinema room. It happened a few days ago Pilar Rubio and he has now touched Tamara Falcó.

The daughter of Isabel Preysler is located in the mansion he shares with his mother in Madrid. Also is her grandmother Beatriz Arrastia and Mario Vargas Llosa. Tamara explains that “our freedom is being reduced to our most basic needs But I want to fight!”.

casa tamara falcóTo be accompanied, have joined Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco, daughter and son-in-law of Isabel with Miguel, the son of the couple. The three have also been installed in the house of Elizabeth to make these days more bearable. “We are locked in house but I recognize that I can’t complain because I am a privileged. Have come to Ana, Fernando, and my grandson Miguel. I have a large house with terrace and garden and we can enjoy with Tamara, Mario, and my mother”, had Isabel Preysler to the magazine Hello.

casa tamara falcó 2The mansion of Isabel Preysler is located in the luxurious and prestigious urbanization Puerta del Hierro. Data of the years 80, when she was married to Miguel Boyer. This house has two pools, one inside, thirteen large bedrooms, a huge garden with a nice porch where you will find the other swimming pool, a library, and many bathrooms. All in 2,000 square metres.

casa tamara falcó 3