The solution of Sweden against the coronavirus: Brand new movies in streaming and to give half of the profits to the cinemas


In Sweden have devised a solution to the closure of cinemas, and, therefore, cancellation of movie premieres. According to Deadlinedistributors swedes have partnered with Draken Film, the platform of on-demand video of the Festival of Göteborg. On this platform was released several films online and half of the benefits will be for local cinemas.

Draken Films has reached an agreement with the distributors from the Swedish Folkets Bio and Smorgasbord Picture House, and is in talks with other distributors. To participate in this initiative, viewers will have to subscribe to Draken Films and when you do this choose from the available list to which theaters you want local support. Jonas Holmerg, Artistic Director of the Film Festival Göteborg has shared the news in Twitter and been updated that have been added already 23 movie theaters local and they are open to adding more.

'Portrait of a woman in flames'

The current agreement is that cinemas receive 50% of the benefits of the new subscriptions during the next six months.“The coronavirus is a hard blow for the film industry. The cinema halls are empty and close will affect everyone who works with films of quality, the consequences are likely to be devastating. Now is when the cinemas need our help and the help of allsaid Holmberg.

The first batch of films that will debut they are ‘Portrait of a woman in flames’, ‘Hvítur, hvítur dagur’, ‘Give Me Liberty’, ‘The candidate perfect’, ‘La femme de mon frère’.

The cinema in Spain in the air

And what happens with the cinema in Spain? The Spanish industry raises also go to the premiere in streaming. According to The Countrythe ceo of Netflix Juan Carlos Tous says that it all may depend on what happens in other countries such as the united States: “I am clear that as to work in the united States these releases on video on demand, the majors (the big studios) Hollywood the made in Europe days later. Each country will do what they can and will be adapted locally.

Although “victorious” premieres online, if you end up done, the film industry overall will have big losses. Hollywood already calculated the billions of dollars spent in vain in promoting the most anxiously awaited films of the year.