The terrible disease that Miguel Marcos does not speak (and you have Belén Esteban broken)


March 20, 2020
(15:11 CET)

Belen Esteban is very concerned about the coronavirus. When the Government decreed the state of alarm this past Saturday night, the contributor decided to isolate themselves at home as a prevention measure. And will not return until further notice. She is diabetic and is therefore a person of high risk and could be affected by the disease. But not only her, also Miguel Marcos, who works for ambulance driver and moves people with coronavirus, or the mother of the partner.

Belén Esteban with his mother

For Belén Esteban your mother is the engine of your life and one of the most important pillars next to his daughter Andrea Janeiro. There have always been very united, but the illness of the brother of Bethlehem and forced them to separate. John Peter suffers from fibromyalgia. Mother and son are to be found in Benidorm. Mari Carmen left everything behind to be by her son’s side. This disease has episodes very hard.

Belén Esteban revealed the sickness of his brother to a few days of getting married with Miguel Marcos, and because of the fibromyalgia that don’t know if I could go to your wedding. “Men can also have it. My brother the mayor takes a month and a half in a wheelchair for the fibromyalgia. I only pray that may the day of my wedding you can enjoy your sister”said the Stephen. In this way wanted to make clear that not only the women. Interestingly, this disease also suffer from María José Campanario and makes little months gave him another fright.

“I have had with this lady who has had it, but I hope, as I have always said, that to recover, their children, and mainly for her… it Is a disease very hard. I sincerely hope that you recover, Maria Jose,” said Stephen. It is the message that he wanted to leave his eternal rival.