The video of Monica taking a shower that lets you see its huge size


March 19, 2020
(20:12 CET)

Rosalia is being highly criticized by some sectors of the social networks due to various behaviors of the most extravagant. It was when he defended feminism and at the same time put bills in the underwear of a estripper with Dua Lipa and there ended the thing.

Also what has been much for wearing fur coats, which are made with more than 15 foxes, something that outraged the animal.

And if that weren’t enough, lately it has been also criticized for its physical, as they accuse her of being “fat” in some sectors that believe that you do not have a physical of a pop star.


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Your nose

However, it seems that the last few attacks to the singer Catalan would be arriving by your nose, which has changed quite a bit in the last few years as he was able to see the contrast between their performances of 2017 and the current look and feel.

But it seems that neither the arrangements now convince his audience, which has messed with his nose, by its size, in a video in which it appears taking a bath and being recorded the face in the foreground.

He doesn’t care about the criticism

It seems that Rosaliafortunately, the criticism of your physical or their actions don’t matter too much and has passed entirely from your haters for quite some time, recognizing that it matters very little what people say of her.

The Catalan artist mark trend wherever it goes and know that all the world watch it and think about it, so I prefer not giving too much attention to what they say about it.