The videos of Juan Carlos I in a very compromising situation. New mess to view


March 20, 2020
(11:10 CET)

The figure of Juan Carlos I is in the spotlight. Since some weeks ago several british media began to publish exclusive in explaining alleged irregularities committed by and collection of commissions on the part of the emeritus, the father of the king Felipe been seen as a perfect storm fell on top of it.

A storm in which there has been (and is) other than his former lover, Corinnaone of the main protagonists. And is that, if well and true that there was a time in which the entrepreneur of German and emeritus did a very good migas, too, is that in recent times the battle of Corinna against Juan Carlos it is self-evident.

They say that, after the hunting accident in Botswana, which ended up causing the abdication of Juan Carlos I, the businesswoman, as she has assured, it has come under a lot of pressure on the part of the environment of the emeritus.

Juan Carlos and CorinnaThe videos of Juan Carlos

Among other things, because she has a lot of graphical material that, in the case of seeing the light, would in a very compromising situation to the House Real. It seems that among this material there are videos in which the emeritus talks about his family, his problems with his son and daughter-in-law, in addition to uploaded images of tone.

A material that, in fact, the father of Felipe already wanted to recover for a long time. It was at a meeting in London in which the Bourbon met with Corinna to curb the tension. But the meeting was not as fruitful that the two parties had desired, and now, as you well know The Zarzuela, appear information each day about the screw-ups of the emeritus.

A pressure on the part of the environment of the king who has caused that Corinna be prepared to as a claim in the English courts against the emeritus as well as against several members of the CNI for “harassment”. It seems evident that, the videos and the material that keeps the German is not that they are, in view of the desire of the former head of the state to recover it, little thing.