Warner Bros. would you be considering brand-new ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ directly in streaming


It is still too soon to predict how long the pandemic coronavirus and, above all, when we can resume our normal lives out of home, far from the quarantine. The distributors have decided to empty virtually the entire month of April of premieres because it is assumed that the cinemas are going to continue for a few more weeks closed.

'Wonder Woman'

But what about may or even June? That is the main headache of the majors, that have movies of large budgets with which they can play. Do you imperil to try to do a premiere with many movie theaters are still closed or will be eligible directly for the streaming? According to reports The Wrap, in Warner Bros. are looking to brand new ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ directly on video-on-demand.

The sequel, again directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, is one of the major releases from Warner this year. Its release date is still set for June 4, but according to the Wrap, have already begun preliminary conversations between Toby Emmerich, head of Warner Pictures Group, and his top advisors to decide what to do. The preference would be premiering in movie theaters, but they are concerned that the calendar of premieres in cinemas is saturated when re-open the cinemas. What is ruled out is a world premiere on HBO Max, your future streaming platform. In any case it would be using the format of rent, as that will make Universal Pictures with their premieres affected by the crisis of the COVID-19. Obviously, Patty Jenkins wants to see his film premiered in cinemas.

What a spike in piracy?

The Wrap reminds, of all ways, the statements of Jeff Goldstein, president of U.s. distribution of the company, there has not been any conversation on the brand new ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ in streaming: “It’s crazy if you consider how big it is is a movie”. It is rumored that his budget is 200 million dollars, something nearly impossible to recover, less profits, in video-on-demand, and with the danger of re-launch of the piracy. It is a complicated situation, which is unprecedented, so is he, as we have said, very difficult to predict. About ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’, we will have to take it as a rumor.