“We’re as mad here at home in quarantine”


Many have been the artists and the most famous faces of the star systemas Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, have become aware after the restriction measures that have been launched, the health authorities of the united States in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus and have been locked in their houses to help to stop the disturbing pandemic that threatens half the world.

Our cuban artists resident in the north american country could not be less and also have started to lead by example in the social networks of his confinement as a preventive measure.

One of them has been Alexander Delgado, singer and leader of the urban cluster Gente de Zona, who has been sharing with his followers on Instagram as is taking him and his family these difficult days of isolation at his residence in Miami, Florida.

Despite the fact that you continue with caution the information and guidelines to take, everything points to that in the house of the interpreter The gozadera the boredom due to confinement has begun to take its toll and, although reluctant to stay in the home, it seems that today has been one of those days that most hard have been made to quarantine the artist and his son Alexander Junior.

So what shows a photograph of the reguetonero has uploaded to their profile in Instagram, in which she appears lying on a bed next to the small face of very few friends. Next to the snapshot, “The Monarch” he wrote: “we’re as mad here at home in quarantine.”

After publishing his words, Alexander Delgado he has received many messages of encouragement on the part of some friends and admirers, which are also suffering the consequences of confinement. Even, we have been advised that place to sing and to compose songs for his group to themselves to kill so much free time.

“Cheer up, we are equal”, “Hugs brother, ponte a cantar, and so not get bored”, “at least you’re with your family, assured that all this will pass” or “Receives a kiss from my part, we are all in this together”, are some of the comments listed in the post.

However, despite the time of downturn, “The Monarch,” you know very that you must stay strong and stay in your residence. In addition to photography, the artist also uploaded a picture to your stories section in the ls to ask their fans to remain at home.

“Stay at home, it is the best way to combat this”, he added.

Instagram / Alexander Delgado