“What is happening is amazing,”


The cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blanco have flocked to social networks to show their concern about how the Cuban government is addressing the issue of the coronavirus and to talk about the difficult situation facing the Island at the spread of the pandemic.

The artist shared an extensive text in your account of Facebook in which he has reflected on how the higher institutions in the country are taking the arrival of the COVID – 19 as nothing more than a “process,” something that ensures that it will bring a serious consequence to the citizens if you don’t take control and conscience as soon as possible.

“I can understand and believe even in things that are not there for that ability that we have, those of us who are involved in the creation. But the difference between process/ action / cut is completely different. I see the situation where I live is always a process but has a limit to the action and that is in which we may or may not agree, because the cut of that ‘action’ will not be other that the one that lives the rest of the world. The big difference between my world of creation and that is the simple reality where all or no one is saved by the process”, were his first statements.

White Rose said I did not understand “the plan” and showed his doubt to the messages conveyed by the media of the country. According to the artist, the government ensures that the situation of the coronavirus in Cuba is under control when they say that they have domain of “entry pathways”, the same ones that have been one of the causes of the COVID – 19 has been propagated by the Island.

“Something is wrong right now, and that is the contradiction elemental before which, it is so dangerous to the risk that we are called to a pause in the process. I don’t understand what the plan is. I say that we control the pathways of inputs, and new cases happen from this route of entry: I don’t understand”, we questioned the actress.

Then, he added: “What is happening is mind-boggling, and we are suddenly so confused -because I am part of what is happening – and I am one of them. Five minutes of news where all the countries establish a strategy of action, and none seem to but have common denominators. What they are wrong? Do you wonder? Let’s be clear, we prepare the process of how he deserves this moment and not give a sharp cutoff with sequences in stockings”.

Then, the actress said that it may be time to rectify and taking the matter seriously. In addition, he says that the “strategies of the past” does not make the country to overcome the crisis of the coronavirus, because they are “not valid” because it is a “new issue”.

We deserve for all those moments we’ve survived a good action. I hope that we are still on time. Are not valid the strategies of the past that everything is brand new, I don’t serve the old strategies that we defeated. This sequence is new

White Rose referred to the controversy that has arisen in recent days due to the cuban authorities allow the entry of a cruise ship MS Braemar, in which I had detected cases infected with coronavirus.

“For an issue of common sense for someone to explain it to you with responsibility, the risk, the price, the cost with the advantage of leaving open the border without being concerned with a number the price of the lives. We have an aging population. What are we waiting for? How much it costs the country to hold suspects that if we had closed wouldn’t have?”, added.

Finally, the artist concluded his message with the following reflection in which he says that he prefers to keep the confidence that it will take “sensible decisions”.

“No one says it is easy. The world is stopped. If this is to go to the field to sow what we will do together, but healthy. I am confident even in the wise decisions and that we are on time,” he concluded.

To date, the cuban government has confirmed 11 cases people were infected with the coronavirus. However, there are 356 helmets within the Island that they suspect might have obtained the disease.