Zelda Williams is an emotional photo with her father, Robin Williams, during the quarantine period at home


In August 2014 the world seemed to stop for a few moments when we heard that Robin Williams had died. Despite the fact that have already spent six years of the tragic news, Williams is still very much present for their fans, as for his intimates, including his daughter Zelda, to which the coronavirus has also been confined to his home.

Precisely, “thank you” to this, during a deep cleaning, “spring”, as he called it, Zelda has found a treasure very precious: a few photos with his father.

“Spring cleaning for the insulation is doing that you find fun and ancient treasures”.

In the pictures you can see that both Robin Williams and her daughter are such for which. In fact, years ago, Williams commented in Reddit LOVES how their three children, Zelda, Cody and Zachary, we had changed the life to better: “My children bring me so much amazement. It is only to see them become these people so wonderful…. What a favorite book when you were a child? When it was something more major was The lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ? You could read the entire collection of C. S. Lewis on high for my children. Once I was reading to Zelda, and she said “don’t do any voice. Just read it as if it was you”. So that’s what I did, I read it as is and said, “Thus it is”best”.

We are still driving less

Robin Williams filled the world with happiness with his movies and his crazy way of being. Despite the fact that they have spent many years of his death, is still fulfilling a beautiful task: to make people laugh.

  Robin Williams

It’s funny how someone who dealt with very serious problems on the inside, I could always be with a smile out. You left very soon, Williams.